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About the Best Aesthetic Clinic in Peshawar

About The Cosmetic Expert Location:-

Located 23C, 2nd floor, Bhittani plaza,University Town, Peshawar, the most ideal and sought after place of Peshawar being visited by almost everyone.
With the great security and easy approach, this focal destination is surrounded by one of the busiest yet most peaceful aeas. 

About The Doctors and Staff

Offering you one of the best plastic surgeons in Peshawar within your reach is something ideal. Being qualified as FCPS plastic surgery, you will find Dr Muhammad Salman Khan not only one of the best plastic surgeon for all your hair transplantation, cosmetic procedures, facial contouring or body contouring needs but his affection will make you realize you are in the hands of one of the best industry professionals.

Now talking about Dr Adil Humayun, other than being a very friendly, extrovert and professional, he is one of the few dermatologists and skin specialists in Peshawar who have attained his qualifications from abroad.

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About the State of the Art Infrastructure with the Latest Equipment

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