Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job in Pakistan, is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the nose by modifying the bone (the upper portion of the structure of the nose) or cartilage (the lower portion of the structure of the nose). This type of plastic surgery can either be done out of medical needs to restore the form and functions of the nose or can be done out of cosmetically needs to enhance the appearance of the nose.

Why People Go for Rhinoplasty in Pakistan (Reasons For Rhinoplasty in Pakistan)

Rhinoplasty is a real game changer, apart from changing the size and shape of your nose it also gives a new contour to your nose that you desire. It is also done to correct breathing problems or to repair deformities from an injury or to correct birth defects. It can be done by;

  • Reshaping the tip
  • Thinning the nostrils
  • Straightening the nose bump
  • Changing the angle

What To Consider Before Planning A Rhinoplasty

Well there are so many things that add up in making your surgery a huge success that you must consider before undergoing the procedure;

A Competent Plastic Surgeon:

You must act wisely while looking for a Plastic surgeon since the competency of your surgeon decides the success and safety of your procedure.

Talk to Your Plastic Surgeon

Be open and expressive about what you really want from this surgery, what you hope to accomplish by through this surgery. So that your surgeon may tailor the procedure according to your needs to provide you with the best results possible.

This discussion with your plastic surgeon determines whether you are a good candidate for this surgery and if the procedure is going to work well for you. This step will aid you and your surgeon to prepare for the surgery.

How To Prepare?

Medical history

The doctor here asks questions about your medical history, including the history of any previous surgeries you have undergone or medications you take.

Photographic/ Radiographic Records

They serve the purpose of medical record to assess the before and after results. These photographs as well as radiographs taken from different angles may also assist before and during the surgical procedure.

Your Physical Exam

Here you go through a complete physical exam – involving various lab tests. This procedure helps the surgeon to have an idea about your skin type, your facial features and how are going to impact the results.

Abstain from Smoking and Liquor

You have to maintain and healthy life style before and after undergoing any surgical procedure and so is the case with rhinoplasty.

You have to quit smoking at least for a few weeks before and after the surgery since cigarettes slow down the healing process. Nicotine constricts the veins resulting in a slower healing process.

During The Surgical Procedure
  • It can either be done in a hospital setting or in a doctors’ clinic.
  • After that you are given anesthesia either local or general anesthesia depending on the complexity of your surgery.
  • After you go numb then your surgeon gives you an incision between or inside your nostrils.
  • He will then proceed to separate your skin from the bone or the cartilage to start the reshaping task, depending on how much needs to be added or to be removed.
  • If further changes are needed the surgeon may take an additional amount of cartilage from deep inside your nose or from your ears.
  • If even more is needed you may then get a bone graft or an implant.
  • The procedure takes maximum two hours but can take more time depending on the surgical procedure.
  • You may go back home the same day or you might stay overnight if there are any health issues.
Post-surgery Rituals
  • You might get a plastic or metal splint inside and outside your nose to help retain the new shape.
  • In order to mitigate the pain and bleeding you need to rest in bed with your head elevated higher than your chest.

To speed the recovery up there are some precautions you need to take several weeks after the surgery;

  • Not to blow your nose
  • Not to rest eyeglasses on your nose
  • Avoid running and other strenuous activities
  • Swimming
  • Unnecessary chewing

Rhinoplasty is a safe and quick procedure but can actually make a significant difference so, after enduring the entire procedure patiently the results are definitely going to worth it all.

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