Cosmetic gynecology is a new emerging field in countries like Pakistan. Especially discussing about Cosmetic Gynecology in Peshawar has been a taboo to discuss and practice. But now, the surgeons of Cosmetic Expert in Peshawar have broken down this taboo and started the cosmetic gynecological procedures for the first time ever in Peshawar.

Here’s A Brief Overview on What Is Cosmetic Gynecology?  

Cosmetic gynecology is a branch of cosmetic surgeries in which procedures are done on the female genital. These aesthetic procedures include the correction and enhancement of female private parts. These cosmetic surgical procedures include correction of female structures like labia major, labia minor, clitoral hood, vaginal rejuvenation, abdomen, vagina, vulva and pelvic floor. Cosmetic surgeries are done for the correction of these areas if there are any problems present in these areas.

How Many Women In Pakistan Have Problems Related To Genital Structures?  

In Pakistan there is a large population of women who have genital related problems. These problems are mostly in the structures of the female private parts. In Pakistan every 2 out of 10 women have problems related to the structure of their genitals. But now these problems can be solved in Pakistan as well as cosmetic gynecology is emerging in Pakistan.

How Many Women Go To Foreign Countries For Having Cosmetic Gynecological Procedures Annually?  

In Peshawar it has been a taboo to get cosmetic gynecology procedures or even to talk about them. Women who had structural problems of their private parts or needed correction and enhancement for there private parts used to go to foreign countries to get these cosmetic surgical procedures. Each year 2000 – 3000 female patients from Peshawar go to other cities like Karachi and Islamabad to get cosmetic gynecological procedures like vaginal rejuvenation, correction of labia major labia minor and other cosmetic surgical procedures like this.

What Are The Common Cosmetic Gynecological Procedures ?

Common gynecological cosmetic surgeries include surgeries of female genitals and the area around the genitals. Some of the common cosmetic gynecological procedures are listed below :

  • Labiaplasty also known as the reduction in the size of labia major or labia minor.
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Clitoral hood reduction
  • G – spot amplification
  • Labia augmentation
  • Perineoplasty

What Is Labiaplasty And How It Is Done? 

Labiaplasty is the female cosmetic genital surgery in which the labia major or labia minor ( the skin which surrounds the vagina and the clitoris ) are reduced in size. During this surgery the excess skin, tissue or fats which surrounds the vagina and the clitoris are removed surgically.

Why Labiaplasty Is Done?  

Some women have excessive skin or tissue around their vagina and clitoris. This excess skin can cause huge discomfort during sexual intercourse and reduce the intensity of pleasure. So, labiaplasty is done to ease the discomfort of the patient during sex and to improve the sexual life of the patient.

What Is Vaginoplasty And How It Is Done ?

Vaginoplasty is the procedure which is performed for the correction of the structure of vagina. Vaginoplasty reduces the size of vagina and makes it tighter and smaller. Vaginoplasty is also used for construction or reconstruction of vagina. Vaginoplasty is done by stitching the connective tissues together which are present in the wall of vagina. This is also known as vagina rejuvenation.

Why Vaginoplasty Is Done? Why Vaginoplasty Is Needed?

Vaginoplasty is done to make the vagina stronger and tighter. In Pakistan 4 out of 10 women might have a vaginal prolapse at any age. vaginal prolapse can very  dangerous and painful specially during the sexual intercourse. So, vaginoplasty is done to treat vaginal prolapse which not only improves are health of the patient but also improves the sexual life of the patient.

What Are The Effects Of Vaginoplasty On Sexual Life Of The Patient? Does Vaginoplasty Improve The Sexual Life Of The Patient?

Yes, Vaginoplasty does improve the sexual lifestyle of the patient it provides vagina strength and tightness. However, is it not recommended to have sexual intercourse right after the surgery or until recommended by the doctor.

What Is Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Clitoral hood reduction is the surgical procedure which is done to reduce the size of the hood which covers the glans clitoris. The hood is in the form of skin which does not produce sensation during the sexual intercourse.

Why Clitoral Hood Reduction Is Done?  Does Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery Improve The Pleasure Of Sex?

Yes, Clitoral hood reduction is done to improve the sexual experience of the patient. during this surgery the excessive skin is removed from the clitoris which makes the glans clitoris more exposed and hence it improves the sexual lifestyle of the patient. As in some women, the excessive skin over the clitoris results in discomfort and less arousal during sex.

What Is G – Spot Amplification Or G – Spot Enhancement? And How It Is Done?

G – spot is the sensitive spot of the female reproductive system which is responsible for the intensity and frequency of orgasm during the sexual intercourse. G – spot amplification of G – spot enhancement is a non surgical technique which “ improves the sensitivity” of the G- spot.

In this procedure collagen fiber and hyaluronic acid is injected the area of the g – spot. This procedure is very safe and painless.


Cosmetic gynecology or female cosmetic genital surgeries play an Important role in improving the sexual live and sexual experience of the patient and it also solves many medical problems which are related to the structures of the female genital track.

Cosmetic gynecology is now available for the first time in Pakistan at Cosmetic Expert Peshawar. Cosmetic Expert clinic always make sure that you have your full privacy. To book an appointment or for free consultation you can contact us online.

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